December 2023- MISSION TO CHINA

Our Business Director, Mr Eric Touati had the pleasure of visiting China for 2 Weeks on a business trip that brought him to Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen ! 🇧🇪 🛫 🇨🇳
The roadshow aimed to bring awareness on the CBTC – China Belgium Technology Center – United Investment Europe development and the opportunity EU market represents for Chinese High-Tech companies

The Shanghai Stop…
considering he has worked and lived in China from 2005 to 2017 and his last visit there was November 2019, he was more than excited to return after 4 Years and reconnect with this vibrant city, I called home, for nearly 14 years!

He had the pleasure of visiting numerous companies that bridge Europe and China in the technology sector!

Among them a special thanks to some of them here:
Cathay Capital Team and Jinchen CAI, in Shanghai to learn more about their various activities in innovation , Sustainability, and Life Science in China and EU ! Undoubtedly one of the leading global Investment firm ( PE/VC) when it comes to CN-EU Investment and Global innovation.

Thanks to Howard(Ye) Hao and Miss Dong from Solvay China, now Syensqo for the visit to their latest Shanghai R&I Center. Eric was impressed by the growing number of their research and applications in NewEnergy, Renewable material, and Biotechnology) . The growth perspective of the Belgian Group in China is simply remarkable!

It was also a great opportunity to visit the Aden Group Team and discover more about the ongoing deployment of their cutting-edge ESG and Digital Twin Platform Akila.

Make sure to get in touch with them If you are in Building / Real Estate/Industrial Asset management and want to reduce your CO2 Footprint as they are now live in China, Asia, and Europe!

Advancements in technology and the drive for sustainability in China are an everyday reality, and Shanghai certainly did not disappoint!