June-16-2023-Lims MBnext moves into the China Belgium Technology Center

Louvain-la-Neuve: the country’s largest private medical analysis lab becomes the first tenant of the CBT16th June 2023The CBTC, the Chinese business incubator in Louvain-la-Neuve, has its first occupant!It is the Belgian company Lims (MBnext group), a medical analysis laboratory and European leader in preventive investigation biology.Since last February, the China-Belgium Technology Centre has been home to 140 scientists employed by the country’s largest private medical analysis laboratory (in terms of floor space). Equipped with cutting-edge technology, Lims occupies 5,000 square metres on 7 floors. Its chromatography department alone occupies 600 m².”Our Hornu site (40 people) had become too small,” explains Mathieu Castronovo, Managing Director. “We needed more space, especially as our business is growing rapidly. We analyse samples from all over the world. And the demands are multiplying. We are also one of the few private labs to be run by a scientific committee. By coming to the CBTC, we have other opportunities at international level, and perhaps also with China”.