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    XYZ Doohickey公司成立于1971年,自从建立以来,我们一直向社会贡献着优秀doohickies。我们的公司总部位于天朝魔都,有着超过两千名员工,对魔都政府税收有着巨大贡献。


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    Located in the heart of a green space, along the National 4 between Wavre and Gembloux, on the edge of Louvain-la-Neuve, the China Belgium Technology Center is easy to access. The entire site is open
    to both hosted companies and employees as well as to external people.


    ·         2 underground parking levels (with chargers)

    ·         A large agora to facilitate exchanges

    ·         3 innovation centres (Life Sciences, ICT, Smart Manufacturing)

    ·         Up-to-date offices and laboratory spaces

    ·         A co-working place

    ·         A conference center

    ·         A business hotel

    ·         Shops

    ·      Restaurants


    Tower F

    Innovation Centre ICT


    Research Centers


    Tower G

    China-Europe Innovation Centre
    Life Sciences


    R&D centers


    Conference center

    China-Europe Technology Forum

    China-Europe Entrepreneurs Club


    Tower H

    Business hotel

    Capacity : 170 rooms


    Tower E

    China-Europe Innovation Center
    Smart Manufacturing


    Research Centers


    Tower C&D

    Co-working space

    Innovation, entrepreneurship and technology transfer

    SME incubator


    Tower B

    CBTC / Operation Center

    Government Representative Offices

    Service Providers

    Industry Associations

    Exhibition hall

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    What they say about CBTC

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    The Service Center of the China Belgium Technology Center is a one-stop service platform that covers the whole industry chain operation of new and residing companies. The Operation Center provides facilities that will ensure a lively and enjoyable working environment to all those in and around CBTC.

    As CBTC is a two-way business gateway, the Service Center provides services specialized in meeting the needs of Chinese, European and Belgian companies. This unique landing and development platform facilitates the market entry for Chinese companies in the European market and for Belgian companies in the Chinese market.

    The services offered by the Service Center are two-fold: we offer Landing Services and Business Services. Together with you, we establish a tailor-made service package answering all your needs for a successful landing or business development!

    Landing services

    √  Assist in the access to the Chinese/European market
    √  Interpretation of Chinese/European policies
    √  Establishment of a company
    √  Translation services
    √  Assistance on the daily administration
    √  Information on the access of the territory
    √  Many more landing services correspondingyour company's need when first arriving in Belgium or China

    Business Services

    √  Identify strategic partners and investors
    √  Ensure the reliability of partners
    √  Provide Cultural & language training
    √  Offer Individual support during international fairs and exhibitions
    √  Develop a communication strategy
    √  Many more business services corresponding your company's need when developing your business in Belgium or in China

    The prices of the services can be received upon demand, please do not hesitate to contact us!

    Are you a Belgian company

    –  Wishing to develop your high-technological company in the Chinese market?
    –  Looking for specific information on the Chinese market and policies?
    –  Searching reliable partners in China?
    –  Interested in a cooperation with a Chinese company in Belgium?

    Are you a Chinese company

    –  Wishing to set up your company in the CBTC?
    –  Wishing to develop your high-technological company in the Belgian and European market?
    –  Looking for specific information on the Belgian and European market and policies?
    –  Searching reliable partners in Europe?
    –  Interested in a cooperation with a Belgium or European company in Belgium?

    Feel free to contact cbtc-service@uieurope.com for more information on what we can do for you!

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    Join Us

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    We offer office solutions for every stage of business in a collaborative, inspiring and vibrant environment. From renting one desk (in the co-working space) to purchasing or renting an entire tower, the CBTC infrastructure meets all your needs.


    To ensure that your offices reflect what you want, we can provide you with a wide range of services, from the design of office partitions to the supply of furniture and the layout of your data infrastructure. For offices that reflect your image and meet your needs, please contact us.

      Brand new Offices

    Tailor-made offices responding to the specific needs of the clients, the offices are equipped with air conditioning and security. They can accommodate companies from 2 to 500 persons. For sale or for rent.

      A dynamic Co-Working Place

    Fully equipped offices, with flexibility from a work-station to private offices with shared facilities.

      Excellent Laboratories

    Tailor-made laboratories up to grade B or BSL 2 ranging from 325 m² up to 2.500 m² targeting at ICT, Life Sciences or Smart Manufacturing sectors, with a mix of office space. For sale or for rent.


    Offices and car parks will be equipped with access control and will be accessible 24h/24 and 7d/7.
    •  Videophone for parking
    •  Separate entrance per floor
      Window frame
    •  Fixed and operable
      Heating and air conditioning
    •  Heat pump
    •  Climate control ceilings 
    •  LED with presence detection
    •  Tailor-made floor finishing
    •  Raised floor
    •  Elevators        •  Emergency stairs        •  Archives (optional)
    •  600 parking spaces for cars and motorcycles with possibility of charger for electric cars (optional)
    •  Access for disabled people        •  Showers        •  Bicycle rooms        •  Sanitary rooms
    •  Exhibition Hall        •  Event Center        •  Shared Laboratories 
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    Currently hosted companies

    Located in the center of Belgium, the International Center for Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (CIAMTC) trains acupuncturists and practitioners in traditional Chinese medicine of tomorrow. Whether you are a medical professional, paramedical or you want to train in this practice millennium millennium, the certifying training offered by the CIAMTC will provide you with the keys to practice this medicine independently.
    United Experts South SPRL (DLV & Profex) 
    Consultancy for companies in the agro-industry
    International Culture SPRL
    Connects China and Europe in the fields of arts, culture, education, trainings and business

    Technology Manufacturer of electronical parts


    YIKE Technology Development (Belgium) SPRL
    Investment and development of drone technology

    AMT Wireless Europe SPRL
    Innovation and production of wireless sensor technology

    Bee Easy
    trading company

    – R&D, production and sales of optoelectronic products
    A high-tech company that cooperates with third-party individuals in digital medical and medical 3D printing to provide advice on data mining
    Hubei Guangji Pharmaceuticals
    Production and sale of Pharmaceutical raw materials and preparations, food additives and feed additives
    Naitenet SA
    Design, manufacturing and sale of plastic net/fence solutions

    Kestar SA
    Provider of complete system solutions for new plastic pipes (PVC)

    GMAX Bio
    – clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focusing on G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) therapeutic antibody and Bibody development
    ROKH Co
    – Technology development, technical services in the field of electronics
    Solar Parts
    – manufacturer and researcher in mobile solar panels solutions
    H&Zedical (Henan Huibo Medical)
    – wound repair and scar prevention.


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