President of China Association of Science and Technology


A Green technology working space

The CBTC – Smart Valley, which is designed according to EU CE standards and uses multiple energy-saving technologies, is a Sino-Euro Intelligence Valley providing you a green technology working space.


Simplicity and variations

In projects of this magnitude, simplicity is the best starting point.

The project proposes a global, united and apprehensible structure. The party is to create a great figure organized around a square that serves as the heart and reference.

Architecture must find this point of balance between the simplicity in the expressions and the quantity
of languages used in order to keep the principles readable and provide the amount of vibrations and variations necessary to satisfy the eye and I arouse interest.

Find a human scale in the great gestures of the landscape.

The element of variation, in the massive facades, is the thickness. With a depth of 30 cm bay in the heads and in the hotel, the hollows can reach 90 cm in the pedestals and 360 cm in the colonnades.

This language of concrete and bricks links with the architecture of Louvain-la-Neuve while the proposed colors are contemporary.


Water Management

The attention of the environment is also reflected in the management of rainwater. The objective of the project is to ensure that no rainwater is discharged into the sewer, taking into account a 100-year return rainfall.

The water is therefore completely stored and infiltrated on the site.

The management of water becomes a story, which is told in the surrounding areas, the footpaths and the square.



The plantations are mainly native species which have been chosen for their particular properties, especially their water or hydrocarbon absorption capacity.

Some ornamental trees or shrubs originate from Asia in order to dialogue with the users.